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Family Law

Rockville Marriage Dissolution Lawyers

No one can promise you a pain-free divorce. Ending a marriage is emotionally difficult for all parties. At Avery & Upton, we understand that there are no real winners in family law disputes, just one party who loses less than the other. We will work hard to get you through divorce and other family law cases while protecting your rights and relationships.

In most cases, clients want to minimize the damage to family relationships. Our lawyers can use collaborative practice, mediation or negotiation to resolve cases. When necessary, we can also litigate. Because we keep clients focused on the facts and reasonable solutions, we are often able to help them achieve their goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Our Rockville marriage dissolution attorneys provide experienced counsel that helps families get through difficult times and look to the future.

Divorce And Related Family Law Issues

In Maryland, there is absolute divorce and limited divorce. An absolute divorce dissolves the marriage and allows you to remarry. To obtain an absolute divorce, you must either separate for one year from your spouse or the marriage must include one of seven criteria, including adultery, cruelty, excessively vicious conduct, desertion, constructive desertion, criminal conviction or insanity.

We represent people through all steps of divorce and related issues such as child custody. Our family law practice includes:


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