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The same basic issues must be resolved in any type of divorce: property division, alimony, and if the couple has children, child custody and child support. When the family has a high net worth and substantial assets, however, the resolution of these matters can be more complex.

While your choice of a lawyer is always an important consideration, it may be even more critical in high-asset divorce cases. Your attorney must be experienced with sophisticated asset division and working with financial experts. You also need an attorney who will not take advantage of your wealth, needlessly drawing out negotiations or pursuing litigation simply to bill more hours.

At Avery & Upton, we treat every client with respect, considering individual needs, goals, and budgets. Regardless of your income level, we will not suggest legal strategies that do not make sense for your case. Be assured, however, that we can pursue resolution of your case via all methods of dispute resolution: collaborative law, mediation, negotiation, and litigation. Our attorneys are each trained and experienced in at least three methods of dispute resolution, so no matter which is right for your case, you will be skillfully represented.

Balancing The Needs Of Each Party

We have the experience and skill to assist you with complex division of assets such as real estate, personal property, businesses, stocks, retirement, and pension plans. Working with financial experts when appropriate, we can value and divide marital assets while protecting your interests.

Determining alimony can be a sensitive issue in high-asset divorces, especially if one spouse has a significantly higher income than the other. In these cases, it is important to balance the reasonable needs of one party with the amount of money the other party earns. We will work to ensure that alimony awards are acceptable, whether you are the party paying or receiving support.

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