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One of the most important aspects of family law is to look to the future. It is also one of the most difficult aspects of family law for the client. We understand that you are facing an emotional ordeal and may be unable to imagine the future. We help clients understand that this is just one period in their lives, albeit a difficult one. With our help, you will find a solution that allows you to move forward.

Families continue to change after the divorce and custody cases are settled. Looking ahead and anticipating future changes can help families create parenting plans that address the issues of growing children. This can prevent disputes and the need for modification of existing agreements. In all cases, we strive for durable and acceptable resolutions that are appropriate for each party.

We work hard to resolve cases cost-effectively. We will discuss your budget and the proposed expenses upfront.


Welcome To Avery & Upton, Where We Treat Clients Like Family

As a family firm, father-daughter team Bruce Avery and Prudence Upton treat their clients like members of the family, too. Since 1993, the firm has provided family law representation to traditional and nontraditional families in Maryland and worldwide. We have represented people on every continent except Antarctica.

Avery & Upton has two additional important members of our team: Legal Assistant KK Joseph and Billing Manager Debbie Greene. KK is a compassionate and caring individual who available to help all of our clients to collect information and documents for their cases, to remind our clients of their upcoming court dates and other appointments, and to answer questions as needed. Debbie manages client billing. She is always here to answer any billing question our clients may have.


Debbie Greene

Debbie Greene

Billing Manager

KKJoseph - Legal Assistant


Legal Assistant

At Avery & Upton, we work on cases as a team. Our attorneys are trained mediators and negotiators. Mr. Avery is also a collaborative practice lawyer and family law-specific mediator. Ms. Upton is a tough, skilled trial lawyer. Regardless of the dispute resolution method we employ, we approach each case with the philosophy that the reasonable party has a better chance of achieving his or her goals. In family law, extreme positions, including the attitude toward the other party or parent, are less likely to produce favorable results.


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