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Other than child custody, alimony is one of the most bitterly contested parts of a divorce. Some people feel that they deserve alimony because of their contributions to the family and household. Others believe that they have supported their spouses long enough and simply want to be done. It is not an easy issue to resolve.

At Avery & Upton, we have helped hundreds of people through divorce. We understand that alimony may be a sensitive issue. You can rely on our attorneys to help you resolve it as effectively as possible. Divorce litigation can be an expensive process, and the longer a couple fights over alimony, the higher the final cost. Our Montgomery County alimony lawyers will protect your rights while keeping your budget and overall goals in mind.

How Is Alimony Determined?

In Maryland, spousal support may be awarded as rehabilitative alimony (temporary) or indefinite alimony. Rehabilitative alimony is meant to give one party the opportunity to increase his or her earning potential and become self-sufficient. Indefinite alimony (formerly known as permanent alimony) is exactly what it sounds like: alimony for an indefinite period of time.

Either party in the divorce may claim alimony from the other. While there is no statutory formula for calculating alimony, the court is required to consider numerous factors in determining the award and amount of alimony. These factors may include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Age and health of each party
  • Education and earning potential of each party
  • Income of the parties
  • Contributions of each party to the marriage/household
  • Child care responsibilities

If the party seeking alimony is guilty of some ground for divorce, that does not necessarily prevent an award of alimony to that party.

We also represent people seeking post-divorce modifications to alimony. Additionally, if you are not receiving court-ordered alimony payments, we can help you obtain an order of enforcement. We also represent people who have been wrongfully accused of not paying alimony.

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