Post-Divorce Modifications

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Even the most carefully planned divorce and custody agreements may need modifications in the future. No one can predict exactly what will happen as children grow, parents age and the economy fluctuates. When circumstances change significantly, the court allows parts of the divorce decree to be modified.

Whether you are the party seeking or contesting the modification, it is important to have experienced legal counsel. If you are requesting a modification, the burden of proof lies with you. If you are fighting the modification, you need a lawyer who will argue your position before the judge. Our Rockville post-divorce modification lawyers can help you protect your rights and your family. Contact Avery & Upton to learn more.

Modifying Custody, Child Support and Alimony

To modify alimony, child custody, or child support, you must have a material change in circumstances. Deciding that you are not happy with the current arrangements or changing your mind is not a sufficient reason to seek a modification.

Child custody agreements may be modified if they are no longer working for the family and are not in the best interests of the children. Reasons that you may request a modification include:

  • Failing to abide by the terms of the parenting plan/custody agreement
  • A significant change in the health of a parent or child
  • Child neglect or abuse
  • Substance abuse by a parent
  • Parental relocation request

If custody modifications cannot be resolved by mediation or negotiation, we can represent you in court.

Child support and alimony awards are not determined using the same calculations, but in general, reasons for modifications may include:

  • One party losing a job or suffering another financial loss
  • One party filing bankruptcy
  • One party getting a higher paying job
  • A change in the health of one party
  • The changing needs of a child

In addition to modifications, our attorneys can help you with enforcement of court-ordered alimony and child support as well as the custody agreement.

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