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Montgomery County Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a valuable tool for settling many divorce and family law cases. It has the benefit of being more flexible than litigation, allowing the parties to create their own solutions. People who use mediation are often able to resolve divorce and child custody issues without the need for a trial.

All of our attorneys have completed all of the required training to be appointed as mediators in all types of family mediation and are available for appointment or are available for private mediation. Bruce Avery often serves as a family law alternative dispute resolution (ADR) facilitator at the Montgomery County Circuit Court.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is a method of ADR that is often very successful in family law. It is less formal and stressful than a trial, so people are usually more relaxed and able to communicate more effectively. Under the supervision of the mediator, the two parties and their lawyers discuss the resolution of their divorce, child custody, child support, or modification case. Mediators are neutral parties who do not have the authority to make decisions in the case. They work to help the parties reach an agreement through discussion and negotiation.

Avoiding a trial is often good for families because it saves time and money. There are circumstances in which litigation is necessary, though. In these cases, you can rely on our skill as litigators and our ability to fight for your rights.

In Maryland, mediation is required in a divorce in which property division is contested. It can be utilized for any family law matter, however.

Children are often innocent victims of unhealthy family relationships and subsequent divorce or child custody proceedings. Through mediation, children are able to see their parents finding ways to work together. This process does less damage to the family relationships than a contentious trial.

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