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Annulments are legal in Maryland, but they are very rare. It is difficult to prove to the court that a marriage is void or voidable. It is typically easier to get a divorce than an annulment.

If, however, you believe an annulment of your marriage is the better option, speak with an attorney at Avery & Upton. We have experience with these cases and have argued them at contested trials. After reviewing your case, our Montgomery County annulment lawyers will help you determine whether an annulment is a possibility. If it is not, we can represent you in a divorce.

Is It Possible to Annul My Marriage?

Because annulment laws are complex, it is best to discuss your marriage with one of our attorneys. Each case is unique and each client has his or her own reasons for preferring an annulment to a divorce.

In Maryland, reasons that a marriage may be annulled can include:

  • Failure to consummate the marriage
  • Fraud such as failure to disclose a previous marriage or criminal record
  • Being a close blood relative of your spouse
  • One party is mentally disabled
  • One party is underage and did not have parental consent
  • Marrying under duress or while intoxicated

Keep in mind that it is not enough to claim that these things are true. You will need to prove it to the court to obtain an annulment. In most cases, getting a divorce is the more viable option.

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