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COVID-19 Announcement

Avery & Upton COVID Update:

Here at Avery & Upton, Bruce, Prudence, and the Avery & Upton administrative staff continue to provide our clients with uninterrupted service as we work primarily remotely in an effort to keep everyone safe. We continue to stay busy with in-person emergency court hearings, remote hearings and mediations. As always, feel free to reach out to Bruce, Prudence, Jenn, Debbie and/or KK if you need anything. They can be reached via email or telephone.

The Montgomery County Circuit Court entered Phase V of reopening. This phase allows for in person civil and criminal jury trials. However, the court is continuing to encourage the use of Zoom for Government for many types of proceedings, including non-jury trials, whenever possible. For in person trials, the courthouse continues to limit entry to employees, litigants, attorneys and testifying witnesses. For any other courthouse visits you will require an appointment. This includes to view files or to visit any other agency in the courthouse.

The following protocols remain in place in all courthouses and judicial facilities in the State of Maryland:

1. Masks or face coverings shall cover both nose and mouth completely and shall be worn at all times, including court proceedings, by all judges, Judiciary personnel, and any other person more than two (2) years of age, except as noted:

a. Masks/face coverings may be lowered to eat, drink or to take oral or nasal medications, but shall be replaced upon completion of activity and only removed with appropriate social distancing in place (see #4).

b. As already noted, throughout courtroom proceedings, all participants shall wear masks/face coverings UNLESS, for good cause shown, the presiding Judge or Magistrate requires any participant, when speaking, to use a disposable mask or wear a personal barrier shield in lieu of a mask to ensure the participant may be heard, with due consideration given to social distancing (see #4).

c. Pertaining to Judiciary personnel, masks may be lowered when an occupant is alone in their single occupancy office and the door is closed. If someone enters the office, masks must be worn or in the alternative, if the occupant of office exits said office.

2. Instances in which the members of the public or personnel arrive at the courthouse or judicial facility without an adequate mask or face covering, they shall be provided with a disposable mask, if available, or given alternative means for remote access, if appropriate or possible.

3. Barriers, including clear personal barrier shields, are not substitutes for masks/face coverings and shall not fulfill the masking requirements outlined in #1.

4. Social distancing of minimally six (6) feet or more shall be maintained throughout courthouses and judicial facilities, including offices and courtrooms. The social distancing requirement will not be a substitute for the masking requirement.

5. Any person who does not comply with this Emergency Order shall be subject to removal from courthouse/judicial facility and subject to disciplinary action.

We hope you all are well and please let us know if you need anything. Thank you.

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Emotions run high in any family law dispute. It is very difficult to keep everything in perspective. Perspective is perhaps the most important thing your lawyer brings to your case. We know that often what you think you want today (full custody, the house, the car, etc.) may not be what will make you the happiest several years from now.

As attorneys, it’s our job to consider your well-being in its entirety. We thoroughly assess your circumstances and then work with you to choose the strategy that fits you best from a full spectrum of dispute resolution options.

The day you call Avery & Upton should be the date your situation starts to improve. To schedule an appointment, call us at 301-762-7644. You can also contact us online, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Lawyers Bruce Avery & Prudence Upton are a father-daughter team with complementary skills: Mr. Avery is a former JAG attorney and a current leader in alternative dispute resolution while Ms. Upton is skilled in adversarial litigation. Each of the attorneys brings something unique to the mix and Avery & Upton’s clients benefit. Together with their team of legal assistants, the lawyers and staff members at Avery & Upton work together on each case. Our clients receive respect, personal attention, and caring service. You will never feel ignored, and you will always know what is happening in your case and why.

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Emotionally and financially, litigation takes an enormous toll on everyone involved. We do our best to minimize that toll and only take actions on your behalf that don’t make your conflicts worse. Picturing your life after a divorce is not easy at first. There are numerous decisions, and it is difficult to imagine what your life will be like when your family is no longer together. Since 1993, we have been helping clients get through divorce and custody cases while preserving their relationships, dignity, and finances. Please speak with us to learn how we may be able to assist you.

To learn about what you can expect going through your case as a client at Avery & Upton, see the Client Handbook we give each client. 

Every Family Is Different

Our firm represents traditional and nontraditional families from across the world. We have had clients who have come from all religious backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, and social backgrounds. We also represent gay, lesbian, and other nontraditional families. Some of our clients are in families where the parties are married, and some are in families where the parties are not married. We are dedicated to helping families move forward in a productive way.

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I am forever grateful for their concern, dedication, and interest in providing me with a positive outcome. I truly felt they cared about me and my children, not just my case.
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