Military Families & Divorce

Military Families & Divorce

Military Families and Divorce

A Military Family Handling Military Divorce and Family Issues

It can be difficult for members of the military to find attorneys who understand the unique set of laws and circumstances that apply to them. It’s even more difficult to find a lawyer who “speaks military.”

Attorney Bruce Avery spent 20 years in the military – including 15 years of service in the JAG Corps – before becoming a private family law practitioner in 1993. In 2003, his daughter Prudence Upton, an “Army brat” herself, joined him, forming a law firm that understands the military family experience from the perspective of both the parent and the child.

We are highly experienced at handling military divorce, including the military ramifications of custody, support and asset division.

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Issues Affecting Military Pension Benefits

In a divorce, pensions are usually considered “marital property” and must be divided. Military retirement is no different, but there are some rules that are unique to the military.

For example, if your marriage lasted for less than 10 years, then the check for pension benefits will be given to the spouse who was in the military. He or she will be expected to divide it and distribute the other spouse’s portion. If the marriage lasted 10 years or longer, the benefits will be distributed directly to each spouse through a system similar to Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs).

Child Custody and the Military Child

Child custody is a special problem for military families. Deployments, TDY, TAD and assignments around the world all have to be considered in making decisions about your children. We have no secret answers, but we do understand the questions and will work with you to find answers that will work for your family.

Finding the Strategy That Best Fits Your Case

At Avery & Upton, we help our clients select the most fitting strategy from among a full spectrum of available dispute resolution methods. Whether your case requires full-fledged, hotly contested litigation, or whether it can be resolved with a simple handshake across the kitchen table, we can help you put the conflict in the past.

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