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"I felt immediately when I walked through Avery & Upton's door that I was going to be treated like a real person and that my concerns would be taken seriously. Even though they are such a busy practice, they haven't lost the warm and human touch. Coming into my situation from out of state and litigating in Maryland, it was very comforting that I had Avery & Upton to depend on. A practice that starts with a dad and his daughter makes you feel like you are talking with family. The teamwork, great strategy, and hard work involved really put it together and won my case for me and my son."
- Child Custody and Relocation Client
"I was referred to Avery & Upton after hearing about another case similar to mine that they won. I can honestly say that choosing them was the best decision I made. The staff is warm and engaging and the atmosphere is laid-back. Prudence is a thoughtful and compassionate attorney who is very meticulous and extremely smart. Their goal with my case-despite its complexities and frustrations-has been to look out for the best interest of my son and I while keeping the bottom line affordable."
- Divorce and Child Custody Client
"I wanted to take a moment to express to you how excellently I believe you handled your presentation of [your client's] case, as well as your entire team's tireless work and commitment to his cause...I will admit too that your efforts have even begun whittling away some of the scar tissue of cynicism that I had been developing regarding the practice of Family Law. I have worked in a great many states, with a great many lawyers of all stripes, and have seen too often cases ill prepared or simply not prepared at all. I immediately see the striking difference."
- Expert Witness on Parental Alienation, PhD
"Dear Prudence and Suzanne, I want to say thank you for handling my custody case and negotiating very hard during the settlement hearing on my behalf. You were very professional, polite and honest with me. Thank you very much and I appreciate all you did for me."
- Divorce and Child Custody Client
"The law firm of Avery & Upton is one you can rely on and trust with your most sensitive issues. They were there to advise me at every step of my divorce and complicated custody case. I started the process very emotional and terrified for my family's future. I quickly learned that Bruce and Prudence were understanding and supportive of my situation and I could count on them to be looking out for my family's best interests. They took a load of weight from my shoulders. Due to their knowledge of the law and the court system, I knew what to expect at each turn. I never had to worry about being blindsided. They made sure I understood every aspect of my case and prepared me for what would come next in the process. I am forever grateful for their concern, dedication, and interest in providing me with a positive outcome. I truly felt they cared about me and my children, not just my case."
- Divorce and Child Custody Client
"I truly owe you so much more than money as money means nothing to the heart-I owe my gratitude and I hope you know just how thankful I am to you both for your patience, kind hearts and willingness to put so much of yourselves into my case. The time and care that you offered without hesitating was a gift for me and a life lesson beyond this case...I thank you, I owe you, and I appreciate you."
- Divorce and Child Custody Client

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